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The house was positioned on a rise amid planting that had begun in 1820.  The natural Eucalyptus bushland was selectively cut to create vistas looking towards the village of Camden, Mt Annan and Mt Gilead and to provide an Arcadian setting for the white, Doric-colonnaded house.

Today it is the largest intact 19th century garden in New South Wales and demonstrates the informal 'picturesque' style of garden design favoured in the early part of the 19th century. This has been overlaid by a later, more formal, `gardenesque' style. The layout of the garden and the exotic planting are cred­ited to William, who achieved consider­able fame not only as a horticulturist but also as a promoter of viniculture. William introduced Camellia japonica Anenomiflora', today the oldest surviv­ing Camellia in Australia; it continues to flourish at the southern corner of the garden front colonnade.

Today a dedicated group of volunteers are maintaining this heritage garden.

For additional information see: www.hortuscamden.com/